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Did Someone Say "Free Streaming"??...

Have a minute to spare?... Mind if I ask you a couple of questions?...

First question, Is your household like millions of others around the country and you have a Smart TV or some sort of smart device in almost every room? If so, you probably have streaming services like Amazon Fire TV, Roku or Apple TV. Next, do you and your family enjoy "Netflix and Chill" days?... Would you like to explore movies new and old, but like the convenience of being able to stream them right from your living room couch? If so, Keep reading!!

Last and most important question, Do you have a current Adult Rushville Public Library Card? If not, you definitely should!! Why?... Because you and your family could be streaming hundreds of FREE movies with our new streaming service called Kanopy Plus.

Kanopy Plus is a public library unlimited subscription that is free to use for all public library patrons who have a current ADULT library card. Again, If you don't have a R.P.L library card now is the time to get one!!

The Ins and Outs of Kanopy Plus:

With this new streaming service brought to you by Rushville Public Library you can stream hundreds of titles from such a diverse range of movies, you could watch something new every evening with the family! Kanopy Plus offers the best-in-class user experience. Kanopy comes with the modern looks and amenities of Netflix with out the price. With regular updates and improvements Kanopy will always bring the best the app has to offer. With Kanopy you can literally watch anywhere on any device you can download the app on, not only your TV, but your laptop, your smart phone and your tablet!

Kanopy Plus Features:

*My Lists: A place where you can organize all of the movies that you have watched, movies that you want to watch and make a custom playlist for each member of your family!

*With the "Featured" list you are able to browse titles in multiple categories including but not limited to "New Additions", "Popular This Month", and even "Academy Award Winners".

*Kanopy's wide range of genre selection will have you trading in your the old commonly watched shows for new and more diverse movies and shows. You will not only has access to the most common genres like Drama, Horror and Comedy, but Kanopy takes it a step further adding categories like "World Cinema", "Instructional", "Short Film" and so many more!

Kanopy Plus Packs:

Plus Packs are 4 themed collections that each include 250-300 titles that each patron can discover new, engaging movies only found on Kanopy! Read more to find out about the Plus Packs included in you FREE Kanopy Plus streaming package.

Favorites: With the Favorites Pack you can choose from staff and patron picks. This includes movies with acclaimed actors such as Mark Wahlberg, Anthony Hopkins, and Emma Thompson.

Easy Watching: With Easy Watching you will find family friendly titles. Including comedies, fun documentaries and popular classics. These titles are sure to entertain you and your family! "Cat and Dog Tales", "All Of Me", and so many more!

World Cinema: With World Cinema, this selection of international films that span various cultures, you are sure to find something interesting and new in this collection. Titles in this collection include movies about Van Gogh and Karl Marx.

Diversity: With the Diversity Pack you can pick from a wide range of popular films and documentaries that focus on diverse stories. Strong tiles like "Miss Juneteenth", "Skin" and "The Central Park Five" will help broaden your viewpoints and help you with understand the diverse cultures we all live in.

Now It's Your Turn!! Take these simple steps and you will be on your way to FREE Streaming!!...

#1: Get Yourself an ADULT library card...

#2: Find the device you want to stream Kanopy from, Your Smart TV, Smart Phone or Tablet

#3: Search for Kanopy in your smart devices search icon

#4: Download Kanopy for FREE!!

#5: Search for "Rushville Public Library" as your home library

#6: Put in your Library card number and personal pin (which is given to you when you register for a card)

#7: Create your account and you are ready to start streaming FREE movies!!

Need Help? Feel free to call the Rushville Public Library, or bring in your Smart Phone or Tablet and let us help you get started!!

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