American Movies of the 70's

Updated: Sep 9

Perusing the DVD shelves, I noticed some great American cinema classics from the 1970's that if you haven't yet seen them or it's been awhile you should definitely watch. Parodies, spoofs and homages of all three of these movies regularly occur on TV shows and cartoons.

"We're gonna need a bigger boat." First up, Jaws. This movie kick started the summer blockbuster. Filmed on Cape Cod and release to theaters in 1975, this movie has a villain that can be universally identified with just two musical notes. Da dum. Da dum.

Not bad for a movie where you barely see the shark (which incidentally broke down so often during production that the cast and crew renamed the movie Flaws).

Francis Ford Coppella's vision of a New York mob family follows the youngest son, Micheal as he first resists and then wholly embraces his family and his destiny when he decides to avenge his family.

I also suggest you have the Godfather II lined up and ready to go. Both Godfather and Godfather II won Oscards for best picture the year they were released.

Paul Newman and Robert Redford star in the quintessential heist movie. If you're a fan of The Italian Job or any of the Ocean's movies (8 and 11-13) watch this movie. Two professional con men try to dup a mob boss out of his money.

Fun fact: The director isn't as famous as you'd think considering he made two of the highest grossing films of all time, this one and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.


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