Spooky Movies with Depp(th)

Secret Window

Based off the book Four Past Midnight by Stephen King, a collection of 4 novellas. The story was actually called Secret Window, Secret Garden.

Sweeney Todd

The character Sweeney Todd actually first appeared in the story The String of Pearls until retold by Stephen Soldheim and Hugh Wheeler in the Broadway musical Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. This musical deepened the character based on Christopher Bond’s 1973 play of the same name. Sweeney Todd was mentioned in a 2008 episode of the Cooking Channel series Good Eats called Oh My, Meat Pie, where they recreate the recounted original recipe of the dish. Sweeney was also mentioned on the 129th episode of The Office titled “Andy’s Play” where Andy Bernard sings and acts in the production of Sweeney Todd.

Dark Shadows

The 2012 movie Dark Shadows was redeemed the 6th movie out of many based on the Collins family of Collinswood. The first, Dark Shadows: The Beginning was made in 1966 and lasted 6 seasons, 35 episodes each, resulting in a total of 209 episodes. This was followed by House of Dark Shadows, 1970, then the TV series Dark Shadows, which lasted 12 episodes. Next came 2 movies titled Dark Shadows: The Vampire Curse and Dark Shadows: The Haunting of Collinswood. Finally in 2012 the Tim Burton adaptation came out.

Sleepy Hollow

What many people don’t know is that Disney made a movie “The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad” based off The Legend of Sleepy Hollow in 1950. This was a two part film with the second based off Sleepy Hollow. They introduced the film using character Ichabod Crane.

Edward Scissorhands

Although Edward Scissorhands was written by teenage Tim Burton, he hired young novelist Caroline Thompson to write the screenplay. She pieced it together by Burton, calling him “the most articulate person I know, but couldn’t put a single sentence together.”

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