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Libby. The One-Tap Reading App!

Do you benefit more from having your books and reading material on your I-Pad, Tablet or Phone?... Is it easier for you to travel when you have a small library built in to your electronic devices?... Or, do you want to explore another way to read some of your favorite titles?... Let me introduce you to the Libby App. Your one stop shop for all things E-books, Audio-books, and Digital magazines.

Let's start with the basics. Libby is a free reading library app. This app allows you to create your own personal digital library. With your Rushville Public Library card you have access to what is called the Indiana Digital Library. The Indiana Digital Library has over 200,000 available titles in the formats of Books, Audio-books, Magazines and Kindle books.

Getting Started

First install the Libby app from your device's app store, it will be the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. If you are going to be reading from a desk top computer or laptop you will need to visit in your internet browser. Once you have downloaded the Libby App on your preferred device, follow the prompts to find your library and sign in with your library card. For instance, if you have a R.P.L card you will search for Rushville Public Library and select it as your "Home Library". It will ask you for a username and password. The username will be your library card barcode number and the pin number will be the pin that was assigned to your R.P.L account. If you have questions about your pin number please contact Rushville Public Library.

Let's Explore Libby

Now you can browse your library's catalog and borrow a book or magazine just like coming into the library it's self!

- Your selection will vary based on your library, since each library chooses what titles and formats to offer in Libby, But don't worry!! With your R.P.L card access to the Indiana Digital Library you have access to over 200,000 titles!

Titles that you have borrowed will appear on your "Shelf" when first opening the Libby App. You will see when you open the Libby app you have three tabs at the top to choose from. Let me tell you what those are.

Loans- This tab will show you what books, audio-books, e-books and magazines that you have out on loan from the digital library. You will be able to choose how to read these books, whether it be on the Libby App itself or send it to your Kindle. The loan tab will also help you manage your book loans, how many days you have left on each loan and when you borrowed it.

Holds- This tab will show you the titles that you currently have on hold, how long you will have to wait for this hold and also managing your hold as well.

Tags- This tab will keep track of all titles you borrow from the digital library. You can customize these tags to your preference. Keep track of what books you read, what category of books you read the most and what authors you have enjoyed.

Libby Features

Read Across Devices- What your reading in bed on your I-Pad you can also read on your phone while your waiting for the kids sports practice get over.

Offline Access- Download books and read them without the internet or a WiFi connection.

Listen In Your Car- Use Apple Car Play, Android Auto or a Bluetooth connection to listen.

Send To Your Kindle- If you would rather read on your Kindle the Libby App can send your books to it! (U.S. libraries only)

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Cost?- The Libby App is 100% FREE with your valid library card!!

Browse, Search and Discover- Choose from thousands of E-Books and audio-books, selected by R.P.L and available for reading. Explore the collections through catalog guides, subjects, featured titles and more!

With the ever evolving times and with our lives only getting busier as the days go by, not having to carry around a bundle of books could be a sigh of relief for some.

Think about those yearly vacations coming up, would you rather pack a few books or just toss your I-Pad or Kindle in your bag and go?

How about those hour or so long sports practices you sit at multiple times a week? Why not catch up on your To-Be-Read pile and borrow a couple of books from Libby to pass the time!

With the Libby App you are carrying around thousands of titles right at your fingertips.

Download the Libby App and start reading on-the-go today!

Contact Rushville Public Library for help with Libby. Or feel free to bring your device in to get some hands-on help with the Libby App!...

Rushville Public Library Phone: (765) 932-3496

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