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25/52 Reading Challenge Sheets are available by clicking on the pic above or  pick up a copy at the circulation desk.  Rules for the challenge are on the back page.
Want to read more?  Here's how!

1.  Set aside the time.  Instead of scrolling on social media on your phone, load up on ebooks and audiobooks from Overdrive.  Got 5 minutes that you're waiting at the grocery store, dentist's office or swim lessons?  Pull up your book and start reading.  We don't have chunks of time to devote to reading so we have to read in "the edges".  Readers fill the smallest bits of time in their day with reading.

2.  Create a TBR list.  All readers need strategies to keep themselves in books because it's so easy to get pulled away (Facebook, anyone?).  That's why readers create a to-be-read (TBR) list.  All readers need to have an "on deck" title so there's no down time between books.  Anytime you hear about a good book, file that title/author away for a later date.

3.  Follow up with your book.  When you've finished a book, celebrate it by writing down your thoughts in a reading journal or at the very least, list the title.  Better yet, talk about it.  Readers talk about books!  Everything from favorite titles, authors, series, themes, etc.  Deepening your engagement with something you just read will help you remember it longer and more fully.

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